Summer Lipgloss for Women cardboard packaging box

Summer Lipgloss for Women cardboard packaging box

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Lip Balm Boxes Wholesale Lip Balm Boxes

Lip balm boxes are in great demand. They can be used for a variety of purposes, and can help you build your brand.

Our lip balm boxes are top quality, and you can customize not only the box shape, but design and color as well. No matter what design you choose, our lip balm packaging team will make it for you. You can craft custom made lip balm boxes quickly, and pick the manufacturing paper, coating and select other services that we provide to our packaging clients.

If you need help related to design, our lip balm packaging team can also help you with this FREE of cost. Get custom lip balm boxes at wholesale prices from Refine Packaging today!

These little boxes are brilliant for displaying your lip balm tubes.

Each box holds 18 of the plastic lip balm tubes, being 3 tubes high and 6 tubes long.
Please choose your colour from the drop down box as these are available in black, white, red and kraft. They are completely unlabelled, but have a space you may use to put your own labelling with logo, pricing etc.

What are Lip Stick and Lip Balm Boxes?

We deal in Lipstick and Lip Balm Boxes with your logo printed on it. We provide you custom size and style for your lipstick box packaging to give you a personalized look and feel. You can choose your stock and style from a vast variety available like Cardboard BoxesKraft Boxes or Rigid Boxes.

The cosmetic companies that offer custom lipstick box packaging to their customers will often work with a design consultant. These consultants can help the cosmetic companies design and create personalized boxes. Some of these companies may even use real celebrities as inspiration when designing individual lip box packaging for a particular clientele. This is especially true if the celebrity is popular among the target audience for the cosmetic company’s products.

Custom Lipstick Box Packaging Material

Lipstick box packaging can be made out of almost any material, but most cosmetic companies choose high quality packaging materials because these materials last longer and keep their contents fresher for longer periods of time. Popular materials used to make the cosmetic boxes include plastic, pvc, clear plastic and silver-coloured plastic. A put lipstick packaging box is considered to be the best quality packaging material for lipstick because it is the strongest and most durable, which ensures that the lipstick remains its most original shade. Plastic lipstick packaging boxes are also popular due to the fact that these boxes do not react to the foods that are placed inside them.

Custom Lipstick Boxes to Promote Brand

Another reason for using custom packaging is to provide their customers with an opportunity to show off their creativity. Customized lipstick boxes are a great way for makeup companies to promote their brand by offering their customers a chance to show off what kinds of colors and styles they have to offer.

Cosmetic companies can choose to personalize their packaging based on what their customers want. For example, a makeup company may decide to use pink lipstick for a female customer’s box, but they could use red lipstick instead of a male customer’s box. Personalizing packaging is a great way for cosmetic companies attract more customers.

Durable Custom-made Lipstick Boxes

Plastic is another common material used for packaging, but it is also the most problematic. When a cosmetic company chooses to use plastic packaging, they are sending a message of low cost and high durability. When a person looks at these types of packaging, they will find that the color will fade and crack quickly, but they cannot tell which color the box was colored at all. Therefore, these types of packaging are not worth using for cosmetic items. On the other hand, sterling silver lipstick boxes are very durable, but they are also the most costly option available.

The lip balm display box is 10cm long, 7cm wide and 5cm high and come flat packed to save on your transport costs. (Tubes not included – for display purposes only)

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